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Golf Swing Grip For Consistent Drives

Any golfer would say that the golf swing is the most critical part of the game. It is where the ball will either land on the green or hit the bushes. A victorious game entails a strong golf swing. For non-golfers, swinging the golf club hard is all it takes to make the golf ball fly through the hole. But an accurate and strong golf swing requires an ideal golf swing grip of the club. 

For most professional golfers, finding for the right golf swing grip takes more practice. A trial and error method allows a golfer to try out first which grip type is comfortable for him.  It takes more time, yet after choosing the perfect grip, everything else flows smoothly in the game.

A golf swing grip links the hands to the club. The only part of the body in connection to the golf club is the hand, so most likely more pressure is in that place. That curved long tool called the club needs to be clutched in the right way to create the precise contact with the golf ball. As such, a good golf swing grip is essential.

Three types of golf swing grip exist that golfers can practice. First is the overlapping grip. It is when the pinky finger of one hand is over the index finger of the other hand. The thumb of the left hand points down on the top shaft while the rest of the fingers are wrapped around the club. 

Another type of the golf swing grip is the interlock grip. It locks both the pinky finger of the right hand and the index finger of the left hand. It is somewhat alike to the overlapping grip but only the fingers are wrapped around each other. The rest of the fingers surround the club shaft. This grip is just right for some golfers since they can easily adjust to the pressure of their hands. The club does not easily slip from their hands unless done on purpose. 

The last golf swing grip is the baseball grip where the two fingers meet together. These fingers do not overlap nor interlock with each other. However, some golfers who have tried this believe that this grip does not give enough stability in the hands. Hence, this will lead to flying clubs at the teeing ground.  

Usually, a golf swing grip works best if the club grip is not too tighten or not to loosen. It exactly means in between intensity. Overall, the key to a successful golf swing grip is finding the perfect golf grip that suits you at your best game. Some golfers may not be comfortable with overlap grip or interlock grip, but who knows, probably it is the best for you. Bottom line is no golfer has the same technique when it comes to suitability and comfort of using the club, doing the perfect swing and hitting a hole-in-one.

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