Golf Swing Sequence

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Golf Swing Sequence That Works

A golf swing is the most essential part of the game since it is the decisive moment whether your ball will hit the hole. Most amateur golfers think that a golf swing is in general hitting the ball towards the green. Yet, a golf swing is more than just moving certain body parts to create a good shot. It requires rhythm, tempo, patience and sequence to make the perfect swing. It is a lot easier if done in a golf swing sequence. 

Many professionals look the same when doing their own golf swing. Two golfers creating similar golf swing does not have the similar approaches, hence, both have different results. Their golf swing sequence varies on how these techniques best works for them. 

A golf swing sequence is intricate if not prepared with a focused mind and a sound body. Though it may seem easy, smooth for most professional golfers, a lot of practice had been invested and their golf swing progresses with every game. 

The first thing to bear in mind when doing the golf swing sequence is to concentrate on the target. Free your mind from the drones and possible comments of other people. By concentrating more on your goal, you will be aware of the rest of your body working. Your arms, shoulders and body must move in unison to smoothly make a good swing. Starting on your backswing, move your club away from the ball. Now your hands must not do the movement. Initially, your shoulders must do the rotation with your left arms close to the body. As you do the backswing, the club must be parallel with the body, shoulders under the chin and somehow your back is facing the target.

At the end of the backswing, picture yourself as having hands held high with straight left arms, ready to hit the ball. This will create a great impact on the swing by making a full swing speed. At this golf swing sequence, it enables the body to freely rotate in one smooth action. By doing so, it allows full swing movement on your arms, shoulders and body. 

The last part of the golf swing sequence is hitting the target. After a full backswing, the golfer must accelerate himself to give a full strong swing towards the target. The golfer’s position is having the full weight on the left foot and facing towards the target. Both hands are now above the left shoulders. 

Each golf swing sequence is proven efficient if followed with precision and practice. It takes a lot of time to perfect a golf swing. Nevertheless, all great things come from hard work, determination and more practice. 

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