Perfecting Your Golf Sequence

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A Golf Swing Sequence You Can Perfect

When you look at it a glance, a golf swing may be one graceful movement. However, if you dig deep and learn the basics, you find out that it is a series of movements. In fact, focusing on your golf swing sequence is the way to perfecting your swing and your whole game, as well.  

This is what you should initially learn before anything else in golf. Oftentimes, it is also used as a practice sequence by most golfers as a type of work out in between games. The basic parts of the golf swing sequence starts with the backswing, then the downswing, and the through swing. However, if you try to dissect these swings, you would still be able to come up with more motions.  

You initially have to begin with the rotational movement of your shoulders with your club away from the ball. You just have to make sure that you arms would stay close to your body and your torso turns, as well.  

Second part of the golf swing sequence would be to make sure your golf club is following the right line as it is swung. Take note that it should follow to be parallel to your body, therefore it is horizontal to the ground. Careful not to slice or hook the ball, which means do not allow your golf club to be in front or behind your body.  

The back swing enters the sequence now with your hands being high and wide as you can be able to get it. Make sure that you have your left arm straight in this movement. Your body will then be able to turn completely, allowing your back to face the target. The result will be a wider swing and the fastest club head speed for you.  

The next part of the golf swing sequence is very essential as you take the club head back down to hit the ball. Many players have made faults such as scooping the ball instead of hitting down on it. Here, you would have to make sure that your hands need to be ahead of the club face to be ahead of the ball.  

Now we have reached the last part of the golf swing sequence, which is the end of the swing. You will know when you are already at this when you feel that your weight is on your left foot. Your body will also turn allowing your chest to now face the target.

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