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Play the Best Golf of Your Life In Just 2 Weeks

The Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt will help you to add amazing distance to your drive while drastically cutting your handicap. Using this system, almost any golfer can break 80. This is just one of the secrets Nevogt wants to share through this guide.

Play with confidence, Be Consistent and Accurate all throughout your game. You will learn the keys to doing this quickly using this guide.

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Renegade Mental Golf


Product description

 Renegade Mental Golf is a course made by Stephen Ladd as well as Bill Gladwell, two experienced golfers. The course combines proven conventional strategies along with cutting-edge methods in presenting this breakthrough product. This course promises to improve your golfing performance wherein you’d play better than you have played before.  

The authors of this course firmly believe that a person’s body knows how to generate a perfect swing. They perceive that a person’s mind creates the tension that will be a problem in playing at your best. They believe that the trick to this is to stop the mind from interfering with your golf game. The individual should set his mind to a relaxed and confident situation which is one of the things that Renegade Mental Golf is going to teach to their clients. You can learn this course in the comfort of your own home which will help you in taking advantage of the 3 most powerful methods of mind control plus self-mastery - neuro-linguistic programming, energy psychology and hypnosis. All of these are particularly adapted for golf.  

Renegade Mental Golf comprises of a manual along with detailed descriptions plus pictures of every strategy and technique. It as well contains 3 CDs. With all these necessary tools, surely you’ll be better in playing golf ever than before.

Product Research

This course addresses most of the overlooked aspects in golf. Plus the golf program teaches you how to conquer the mental side of golfing as well as the totally revolutionize way to play golf. It is very flexible that even the busiest people with the will to learn can find time to squeeze this into their busy lives. It also caters 100% money back guarantee for those clients who aren’t satisfied with the results. It also is affordable that is surely a worthwhile investment is for people interested to improve their golfing game.

So far, the course hasn’t found anyone who was unhappy with their decision of purchasing the program

Feedback Comment

 "I saw IMMEDIATE results in my golf game after being hypnotized. And my golf game continues to get better by several strokes when I listen to the CDs the night before a round. I’m extremely happy and I credit Bill’s hypnosis for lowering my handicap by 4 strokes in a short period of time."  ~excerpt of an actual testimony from

"I used the CD with my IPOD before my round and shot a 42 for nine holes with only 15 putts. It was even the first round with my new clubs. This stuff is cool!~excerpt of an actual testimony from

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