The Dave Way Review

Play the Best Golf of Your Life In Just 2 Weeks

The Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt will help you to add amazing distance to your drive while drastically cutting your handicap. Using this system, almost any golfer can break 80. This is just one of the secrets Nevogt wants to share through this guide.

Play with confidence, Be Consistent and Accurate all throughout your game. You will learn the keys to doing this quickly using this guide.

To learn more about this Amazing Guide for all Golfers or wanna-bes, read our Simple Golf Swing Review or go to the Official Site.

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The Dave Way Review


Product description

 Having a perfect slice in playing golf is not that easy to achieve. Practice makes it perfect together with this latest guide that helps you to have a perfect slice. The Dave Way Instant Golf Slice Cure will fix your golf swing in no time. They will focus on fixing your swing style rather than forcing you the right way of slicing.  

This was created by Dave Moore. He discovered excellent secrets in improving your golf play. And this was his method using mind in swinging technique. Simply, he is telling you to have confidence when hitting the ball using your own way of slicing. This is one of the important key that almost all players forgotten. That is why Dave Moore released his “The Dave Way Instant Golf Slice Cure” to aid in gaining confidence as well as fixing your slicing problem. Just a slight modification, you will able to get back into the game right away with improvements that you have learned in this guide. It is easy to use because they are user friendly.  

This Guide has an easy 4 steps method. This method simply solves your slice problem. Basically, you can apply those methods immediately when you are in a golf course. Literally, it is easy to learn and apply it in your game. This will not change your entire style but simply modify it to make it perfect.  

The Dave Way Instant Golf Slice Cure has its two goals. And that is to increase your confidence or drives when attempting to make a slice in playing golf and at the same time accuracy improvements when having the shots.  

Product Research

The Dave Way is one of those instructional methods in golf that promises to make a better player out of you within minutes of learning with it. The whole method speaks of a simple and step by step approach that any learner can understand. Still, it doesn’t say much of the level of the learner and what specific skill it may help out like The Simple Swing does. It relies mainly on proof from other people on how it works and the presentation doesn’t explain much on the type of method.

This Guide is focus in improving your overall confidence (drives) to be consistent in making every shot; distance gained when you hit the ball that includes how to decrease and increase strokes immediately, accuracy, and gaining a high score in your golf game.

Aside from improving your skills in golfing, they will assure you to have the most fun in golf. 

Feedback Comment

I just wanted to say thanks!!! I purchased your instructional this morning around 8 AM. I finally made it to the range around 1, and by 1:30 I was hitting the ball farther and straighter than ever before. I play with a group of guys every Thursday and they're always ribbing me about my driving. I've always used a 3 iron off the tee. I've heard all the names, Sally, Whimp... need I go on. Well the only one who knows I bought this is my girlfriend. All I can say is that I can't wait to hear what they have to say Thursday when I break out the driver and put it down the middle. ~ excerpt of an actual user testimony from

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